Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Journey we are walking.Join the journey

The truth we are supposed to care for our orphans ,widows and the poor according to the Scriptures.This is one of the branches of the great commission Jesus left us.Nothing we can offer God but only to reach lost souls and broken hearts.Imagine after receiving Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior the next thing God requires from us as Christians is to present Jesus to those who need Him.This is what i chose to do and my fellow workers.So as you see this video,am calling for partners so that we can have a big catch Luke 5:7.What i see my Father is doing is what i do.Am called for Evangelism and advocating for the needy.God bless you as tell others about this ministry and as we present Jesus Christ to those who need Him.

The plan of our Journey

Video for this ministry

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Family Support Project.

Last year we launched our new project we added in Savior's Children Ministry and that is Family Support Project.Many years ago we have been only helping Children but God gave us a new plan also to support families since many children on our program comes from poor families.
Our new project of family Support focuses on empowering families mainly Widows,single mothers and grandparents who struggle with Vulnerable  children.

Today,our project went on physically as well to the widow Mama Teddy Nanfuka with 4orphans who are cared for at Savior's Children Ministry and with Partnership with Samaritan's Purse we have provided her with income(Funds) which she is going to use to start her business of Charcoal and firewood selling in order to be able to get something for the family as our ministry helps with other needs for her Children.
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Video from Savior's home

So this is our work to promote talents in this ministry so that Children will have great hope in themselves.Whenever they sing, in their hearts they forget the sorrow they were in before joining Savior's Children Ministry.The Word of God heals them spiritually and physically whenever they sing about the Lord Jesus Christ.Stand with us as we support these kids to become good leaders.
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Account Name:Saviors Children
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

See Grand Mothers struggle with Orphans to live.And Kids preaching Jesus Christ to the Lost.

Grand Mother who struggle to care for orphans and vulnerable Children.These Kids need all the necessary needs like clothes,soap,shoes,Medicine,Education and food as well.They are being cater for now by Savior's Children Ministry.Your Partnership with us is welcome.

Kids ready to take the Gospel to the Lost souls

"We will take the Light to the Darkness" Some of the Children of Savior's home are taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to Villages this May 2013.

What is the future of this Generation?

When you Partner with us,we can put a smile to these orphans and vulnerable Children

 Write to Savior's Children Ministry
P.o.box 536 Kampala Uganda
Email: saviorshome@yahoo.com
Daisy in green Sandals and Sarah pose in a picture this June 2013.Both are orphans

Monday, February 11, 2013


In this new year we are extending our programs into 3 projects. We are going to focus on into reaching the needy Children and widows in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ through these 3areas.These are not new programs but we have categorized them to enable transperency and cleareness to our partners who wants to join us.
We hope to take Christ's love to these people through 3areas i.e
1.Through Evangelism
2.Through Child Sponsorship
3.Through Family Support.

In Evangelism
Here we are training Children in our ministry to reach the lost souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ hence fulfilling the Great comission in Mathew 28:19 "Therefore go and make deciples of all nations"

Bible teaching in progress

Making Deciples of Tomorrow
After teaching these Children we lead them,just as good leaders must be an example.So we don't send them Alone but we lead and Children Follow.We are going to emphasise this program this year,

Read to take the word to the losst souls

  We hope to reach schools,homes(Door to door), through crusades with this program of Evanglism.So please support us.We need your prayers,Bibles, financial support,musical instruments to preach the good news.

2.Child Sponsorship
With this program we will continue giving holistic care to the needy Children both at the orphanage(Savior's home) and also to the Children who live with their single mothers mainly Widows.We continue support children in Education,Physical support,Envirornmental support,Emotional support and Spiritual Support.
Healing the thirsty.

Clothing the Children.

Sharering Love.

Teaching Children Skills
So with this program we need you reader to stand with us through advocating for these Children.We need financial support,meeting all Holistic cares.Please Join us and God will bless you.Your prayers are so needed.Get involved today and His blessings will never leave you in the name of Jesus.
Write to us at.Savior's Children Ministry
P.o.Box 536 Kampala- Uganda
Email: saviorshome@yahoo.com
or timothy20001us@yahoo.com
 3.Family Support
With this program we will be empowering families.We will take Christ Jesus physically to poor families.We will be focusing priority needs for that family like Shelter,good health,food,clothese,good water etc.And this will be done in order to give good life to the Children in those families whether they are orphans or not.We will also encourage income generating activities in those families like poutry,cattle rearing,piggery,Crop Caltivation etc.This income generating activities will be run by mothers and their Children for a better future.

This family needs support.

Their priority need is Shelter.This is where they sleep right now.

Timothy director Savior's Children Ministy investigates this sad story.No roof and door wher they sleep.Afamily of 8 people in one room.
Recently we shirted another family of 5children and their mother who were sleeping in a desolate house.
Timothy Batalaze's first visit

Mother with here Children at their old house.That house you see a door but when you enter inside all the walls were broken.And they were sleeping outside.

Children of Savior's home bringing out the households of that family shifting them to anew rented house paid by Savior's home.

This family at thier new home.Praise be To Jesus.

Shifting the bed from that house with holes to a new rented house paid by Jesus through Savior's home.Timothy leading the group.
So we would like you our reader to stand with us and all the glory will go back to God in the name of Jesus.With you we can reach many this new year.Blessings.Naken we came,naked we will depart,so what are you going to do for Jesus today?"Store up your treasures in heaven where there are no thieves,Moth and rust can not reach".For where your treasure is,your heart will be there also.

It takes $35 to sponsor a child per month,$80 to sponsor a family(Without education to kids) per month,clothing depends on the number but $300 can clothe enough people every after six months.Finding a transitional home is $60 per month,while constructing a house for a family Approximating $4000.Income generating support to mothers$200(They can do like poultry,piggery or cropping)

Write to us at.Savior's Children Ministry
P.o.Box 536 Kampala- Uganda
Email: saviorshome@yahoo.com
or timothy20001us@yahoo.com